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We bridge the gap between schools and their students to achieve holistic wellness.
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She’s an average student and deals with these issues on a day-to-day basis.

Peer Pressure

Time Management


Virtual Connection



Physical Disability

Financial Anxiety


Finding Support

Inactive Lifestyle


This is where We can help

Our wellness programs are tailored to the needs of young people, designed by industry experts.

1-on-1 Mentorship

In our mentorship program, one mentors will be partnered with one student and build a healthy relationship by providing accountability, guidance, support, and encouragement.

Our mentors are not meant to replace teachers or parents. Rather, we are additional support in guiding students to a specific growth that they need.

Group Mentorship

Some students learn better and grow more when they are with their friends. Lifeprentice take this approach through Group Mentorship where one mentor handles 2 to 5 students at a time. Each group is focused on a related goal and meets at the same time weekly.

We match students and mentors based on skills, interests, and hobbies to ensure increased good and effective mentorship.

Our Mentors' Expertise

Holistic Wellness

Psychological Guidance
Emotional Guidance
Physical Guidance
Spiritual Guidance

Life Skills Development

Budget Management
Cooking Skills
Clothing Skills
Cleanliness and Hygiene
Organization Skills
Communication Skills
Time Management
Decision-making Skills

Professional Skills Development

Career Education
Critical thinking and problem solving
Teamwork and collaboration
Work Ethic

How It Works


Students get access to wellness programs where they can engage with service providers, anytime and anywhere.


Allow students to experience growth through customize program based on the results of their self-assessment.


Students will complete a post-assessment and the application will analyze and compare their initial self-assessment to measure their progress.

Support A Student

Average Cost In The Market

With LIFEPRENTICE, A Student Can Access All of These For

PHP per Semester

Price exclusive for students from schools partnered with LIFEPRENTICE.

Readiness in every life transition

Guidance to prepare for each stage of life with the assistance of a "life buddy".

Positive Response to Every Challenges

Positive adaptation in the face of any unexpected change in any life situation.

Improve Well-being

Experiencing holistic wellness

Unleash Potentials

Students will learn more about their talents, skills, and gifts by participating in LifePrentice programs.

Growth Accountability

Students will have a specific mentor to monitor and be accountable to a student’s holistic growth.